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Anya Formozova

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Unpacking the best of visual culture in YouTube video essays

Breaking Bad's Walter White: How a Man Becomes Evil, The Take


This study of Breaking Bad's protagonist tracks one of the greatest TV character transformations of all time. Featuring Dr. Jekyll, Dostoevsky, unnecessarily extravagant chemical similes, and more...

Why Michael Scott is Actually the World's Best Boss, The Take


The mug speaks the truth: The Office's Michael Scott (Steve Carell) IS the world's best boss. Featuring Don Quixote, the awfulness of corporate culture and more. Credit: Co-author

How to Think Like Rick, The Take


 This essay focuses on an in depth analysis of Rick Sanchez, the drunk grandpa from Adult Swim's Rick & Morty. It also got personally re-tweeted and complimented by Dan Harmon. Featuring Elon Musk, First Principles Thinking and more. 

Alex of a Clockwork Orange: The Glamorous Psychopath, The Take

In the age of the anti-hero, among the Lannisters and the Underwoods, A Clockwork Orange’s hero, Alex, stands out as the prototype for a strange but fascinating subset of the anti-hero type, which we like to call the glamorous psychopath...

How Planet Earth Tells A Story, The Take

An exploration of the story-telling techniques that made this David-Attenborough narrated documentary an entertainment staple for everyone from stoners to nature-lovers to anyone who likes a thrilling, high-stakes tale. Featuring cute animals, thrilling adventure, Aesop's fables and more. 

Video editing & Animation

I edit and animate both in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Suite (Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop)

The animations used in this reel were created for a Russian TV Program, "Sdelano v Moskve". Directed by Sasha Zapoeva and Vova Raevskiy




Anya Formozova was born in NYC and yet raised, somehow, in barely post-Soviet Russia. She is now back in Brooklyn, enjoying nachos and free speech. Focusing on pop culture, culture culture and humor, more work by Anya is featured on The Take. Check out her video-essays on Breaking BadRick & Morty and others.

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Dan Harmon's re-tweet of a video essay I wrote about his show.


Rick & Morty Co-creator

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Article about my POV shots video essay


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Our video about Walter White with The Take was one of the best video essays of 2018 according to Film School Rejects



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